Welcome to Mapendano Voyages

Africa is the ultimate destination for wildlife Safari. In Swahili, the word SAFARI means “journey”.
Our journeys are a cocktail of African wildlife, nature and culture.

As you follow the contours of the Great African Rift Valley from the Virunga to the ocean, through Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and Tanzania, you will experience some of the most breathtaking sights in the words. This part of Africa is a hive of natural and cultural diversity. It is a must of nature lovers.
Our suggested itineraries and tours have been carefully planned and selected to allow you to be different, daring and individual, enabling you to enjoy this truly unique experience with us.

We cross many borders-sometimes venturing into neighboring Kenya, Burundi,…
We have been organizing safari in Eastern and central Africa since 1985 and we are considered experts in our field. Come and discover with us at Mapendano Voyages the unique combination of wildlife, landscape and culture that is the magic of Africa.

Mapendano Voyages is a team of experienced individuals who have worked together for many years and have an extensive knowledge of Central and Eastern Africa.